The financial relationship between one asset and another. 

Enjoyment of Wealth 
The spending of one's assets for needs, wants, or desires. 

External Design 
The study of the efficient and effective flow of money into and out of the assets a person owns within the PS&G Model®. 

Economic Life Value 
The economic worth of a person generally associated with the ability to earn income and produce assets over a future period of time.

Ideal Strategy 
The strategy using the same assumptions of the client's present financial position, but without taxes or inflation. 

Increase in Money Supply 
The difference between the amounts of money one will have in one specific financial strategy compared to another. 

The movement of money from one asset to another that seeks increases in the future money supply and provides additional protection benefits. 

Internal Design 
Selecting and structuring any given financial product or service to work more efficiently and/or more effectively. 

The Lifetime Economic Acceleration ProgramTM, which forms the word "LEAP" as an acronym. 

Lost Opportunity Cost 
In LEAP, it is the amount of money that is spent and lost by an individual as a result of owning a particular asset or by using a particular financial strategy. 

The study of the overall aspects of all financial elements in a personal economic model. 

A person who uses a holistic strategic approach versus one who uses a linear single-need approach. 

The study of one element contained within a personal economic model. 

No Additional Out-of-Pocket Outlay 
Not having to outlay any additional money from earned income beyond what one is currently spending. 

No Additional Risk 
Not adding more financial risk to one's overall current risk tolerance. The intent of LEAP® strategies is to maintain or reduce financial risk. 

Performance Beyond Needs and Goals 
A philosophy that one should not stop building additional financial assets just because one is on target or has already met their stated financial needs and goals. 

PS&G Model® 
A diagram that contains all financial products and strategies related to Protection, Savings, and Growth that are positioned in a hierarchical value structure. 

PS&G Model Strategy Worksheet 
A worksheet showing the PS&G Model® where internal, external, and coordination design functions are performed. 

PS&G Model Present Financial Position 
The current state of one's personal financial situation. 

Wealth Building 
The financial process designed to obtain an increase in assets and benefits over a period of time. 

Wealth Conservation 
The financial structure used to protect one's assets from erosion due to income taxes, estate taxes, lawsuit, market declines, illiquidity, disability, illness, and other financial problems. 

Wealth Distribution 
The transfer of one's wealth to oneself or others so it can be spent and enjoyed for personal needs, wants, or desires. 

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