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Using the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process™ , we have helped many clients understand how they can meet and exceed their financial goals. Through education, analysis, and planning, a personal program is developed that can leverage all aspects of a client's financial situation. Thus providing an integrated financial program to help them reach their financial potential. 


The first unique characteristic of the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process™ is the use of the macroeconomic model called Protection, Savings and Growth (PS&G™). 

The PS&G™ model has been engineered with sound economic principals and is a unique tool for you to verify and weigh the many variables that make up financial decisions. The PS&G™ model lets you experiment with how different variables might affect the outcome of a financial decision before you commit to a strategy. 

The Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process allows us to coordinate assets and review the ripple effect to understand how all of our assets interact with each other to maximize efficiency, performance and benefits. 

Lost Opportunity Cost 

Every strategy that is in place to generate wealth has a corresponding cost that is a by-product of that decision. The science of Lost Opportunity Cost Analysis allows us to identify, measure and often reverse the effects of these inefficiencies.

By concentrating on the flow of your money we are able to identify inefficiencies, costs and excess taxes in order to begin the process of Cost Recovery. This is a critical step in achieving maximum wealth and benefits. 

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